Vendor Spotlight: eco diva

We're shining the spotlight this week on eco diva, one of our awesome, new regular vendors! You’ve probably seen their booth pop up here and there around the market in previous years, but they’re permanent vendors this year and a favorite in our community.

Eco Diva 1.jpg

Eco diva has been in business for almost ten years, and they are dedicated to making toxin-free personal care products that are safe and affordable for the standard family. The idea behind eco diva was born out of a dream from God and a desire to provide products that were truly natural. Their line of products are great for people with skin sensitivities and allergies and has been widely used by all ages six months and up. The brand's products include outdoor items (such as bug spray and sunscreen), body (oils, lotions, facial, essential oils), home (purified air) and pet needs (doggy wash).

Eco Diva 2.jpg

Their products are special because they are produced in small batches, and every bottle is hand poured, all FREE of GMOs, synthetics, fragrances, parabens, dyes, SLS or anything artificial. eco diva’s favorite part of their business is the creative process and attention to detail they put into making every product.  For example, their “Bug Me Not” bug spray is infused with essential oils for 10 days in gallon jugs to ensure proper strength before the bottling process begins.

Eco Diva 4.jpg

Their first product ever created was in fact their Bug Me Not bug spray, and it turned out to be their number one seller! When owner Jody’s son came in one day and had 37 bug bites all over him, she knew she had to do something about it. She did not want to use chemicals, so she blended a few essential oils together, sprayed it on, and it worked! The bug spray has been through four recipe improvements since, and now it goes with teams doing missions trips and social work throughout the world as well as to the Nashville homeless with two local organizations eco diva partners with that aim to provide the basic human needs for our population here.

Eco diva is passionate about helping people, protecting the environment and giving back. The core of their belief system focused on toxin-free, simple ingredients and honesty, integrity and giving back.

Eco Diva 5.jpg

Be sure to look for Jody and Sheila at their booth this week at the market! They always have smiles on their faces and love answering questions about their products that their customers have. We’re so happy that Eco diva is a part of our market! Check out their Facebook page HERE and their Instagram HERE. We’ll see you Wednesday!

Photos by Misty Carter Photography.