Vendor Spotlight: Hippo Hollow Farms

Drumroll, please! We ❤️ highlighting our local vendors that represent the Thompson’s Station community and show up each week with their amazing products! This week, we’re highlighting one of our meat vendors that has been with us at our market for years, Hippo Hollow Farms!


Joe and Adele Prinsloo are native to South Africa, and they relocated to the United States in 2012 where they have been farming ever since. Here in Tennessee, they are focused on using regenerative, holistic, beyond organic farming practices that are aimed at healing the land, one move at a time. They believe that healthy soils and grass are key to producing the healthiest meat. Hippo Hollow Farms raise all their animals on a pasture, and they keep their livestock in constant rotation.

Every day the chickens and cows are moved to new, fresh grazing areas. The young chicks, still growing their feathers, are kept moving in sliding sheds. This keeps them off the soiled areas and gives them fresh bugs, seeds and grasses to feed on daily. The cows and laying hens are also moved daily, while the pigs are moved every few weeks. They raise true grass-fed and finished beef - their cattle is never fed any grain. Everything on the farm works together to keep the animals and the land at their best!


Joe and Adele love working with all their clients to make sure everyone has healthy meat in their freezer year round. They offer wonderful monthly meat box options all year! If someone has a specific need or health issue, they take appointments to work out a box suitable to their needs. As they would say, “Buying locally raised food provides you the opportunity to visit the source, build a relationship with your farmer, and ensure that the food that enters your body is raised the way you would have raised it as if you were the farmer yourself!”

Find more about about what Hippo Hollow Farms has to offer as well as how their process works on their online store. Be sure to like them on Facebook and Instagram, and look for their booth every week at our market every Wednesday through July from 4-7pm. See you there!